Friday, 28 November 2014

Responsive Web Design: When Is It Most Appropriate?

AS Tablet and Smartphone adoption rapidly increases now days so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Mobile sales have already over taken to laptop and desktop sales. Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner that helps the lay out to get changed according to the user’s computer screen resolution and Mobile user share content on other site for friends who then accesses that content using a desktop or laptop
Responsive website is most appropriate for any online business because user can come from different – different source because it’s Demographics factor. Some country or city is more develop their user all types of devices like Mobile/Smartphone, Laptop/Desktop and tablet. So if website is responsive then business can get more traffic.

Responsive website is also beneficial for any search engine. Google prefers responsive web designing because content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile site. Innverse Technologies create Responsive and user friendly website. Make your business online the one website for every device.

if you still have it in your head that mobile web design and application development is a niche industry, you need to change your way of thinking.
  1. There are over 2.2 billion mobile web users worldwide
  2. In the U.S., 35% of mobile Web users are mobile-only (they rarely use a desktop to access the web)
  3. Mobile apps have been downloaded 20.9 billion times
  4. Mobile device sales are increasing across the board with over 90 percent of new handsets able to access the mobile Web
Tools to Build Websites Using Responsive Design: several tools will help you meet your objectives.

Adobe Dreamweaver - Dreamweaver lets you build both mobile apps and websites

Mofuse - The Mofuse interface allows you to quickly enter information into the CMS that you can then add to the interface, making it easy for a designer to quickly build a mobile site.

GoMobi - GoMobi offers an easy-to-use interface with the complex programming happening behind the scenes. GoMobi content management system lets you build mobile websites that can be viewed on more than 6,000 mobile devices.

Volusion - Volusion is an all-in-one ecommerce tool that lets you build a shopping cart and add it to your website. It will display on desktop, tablet and mobile versions of your site.

Innverse Technologies is leading IT Outsourcing Company offer web development solutions. Our work has earned us clients from across the globe and we make sure you get the value for your money and become part of our growing clients list.

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